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I'm a writer and performer (for screen, with stage experience). I work with a variety of artistic mediums and embody many different character personalities to create lots of unique works of art and multimedia.

If you'd like to speed me along in this journey, I take donations to fund my creative enterprises and you can do this with the widget below. All donations are processed via Ko-fi!

See also a list of my upcoming projects for the next 3 years.

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- Mars

Wanderland: A Small Game

I'm having the pleasure of writing for and performing in the groundbreaking video game Wanderland, produced by the visionary game studio RubyCube and brought to you by the mysterious m.x. reigner.

Look for it on Steam next Easter!

Hyperexpression, an Album

My first album as a new musician, created entirely using the hyperexpressive Roli Seabord RISE 2. This is an emotive, thoughtful and reticent collection of tracks that push the boat out when it comes to music that really wants to make you feel.

Check Ko-fi to see progress of my aquiring a RISE 2 from Roli and making the album!  

Butane Delight (Reigner, 2025)

Featuring writing contributions by me and starring myself in a background role, Butane Delight (Reigner, 2025, Remark Entertainment & A24) is an esoteric art film with an innovative, alternative approach to contemporary psychological horror.

Check out Plaincat Entertainment Pictures closer to the time for an exact release date.

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